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Finally I made it🏊‍♀️✨ 50m swimming pool✨✨✨ With my partner⌚️🤣✨ Some of the venues says NO to smart watch due to health and safety reasons. But the one I go…as long as it’s covered, it’s acceptable🌈✨ Quite interesting I can check my biometric data in real time🤩 Aiming for 3000m this summer🔥🚀

Shibuya again🤣

MeetUp in Shibuya again😊 It’s becoming my weekly routine🤣 I was lucky enough to talk to a French who had visited North Korea👀 We had a Korean in the team and he couldn’t believe it until he saw the pictures of Pyongyang…including me… I had a chance to talk to an American who can speak …

Rescue 👀✨

Stamped to death☠️⁉️ Almost💦 Picked up and moved somewhere in safe🏗✨ 🐞😍💕 7 again✨✨✨ This means a lot in spiritual perspective💕 I’ve got yellow something from him for the first time in several years… STINKY 🤣


See⁉️The balance between right and left is important‼️ This is what I had while brushing my teeth this morning. My higher part of myself always advise me like this🤣 Yeah…I know why it has to be mentioned💦 Whenever I check my energy field, I always feel I need to do something to keep the balance …

To the place where I used to be🚉

1 year has already gone⁉️ Still a bag was filled with the items I love🥰✨ Gift from Saudi Arabia🇸🇦 Thank you SO much for your kindness🌈✨ Safe return is always the best⭐️

Replacement DONE‼️

So…you are the SMART electricity meter⁉️ It looks smarter because I can’t see it spin🧐 What’s in it⁉️ Now they can check on how I’m doing💡 I use electricity more at home🧐 Hopefully more reasonable fare …??? Let’s save energy more🌈✨


Thanks to small gathering for business meeting, lunch and learn etc🤣✨ Enjoyable conversation and tasty meal are  always the best😉✨ I have to walk more and swim more to consume those calories gained🔥✨

SMART electricity meter⁉️

Just got a notice saying that electricity meter will be replaced to SMART one soon👀✨ Whenever I see identifiers, I always get ready to wait for the bill💡🤣 But it’ll be rare to see them in near future… Thanks to this replacement, it will be ☀️Remote check to confirm the monthly charge ☀️Save power after …

Meet Up at Shibuya😻✨

Secret cheesecake from a professional pastry chef🥮✨ Soooooo yum😋💕 Always fun to meet up with someone new and learn something new🌈🌍✨ So honored to see everyone there🏄‍♂️🇦🇺🍰🇭🇰🇸🇬💉🇯🇵

Dr. AI 👩‍⚕️and AI police 🚔

Thanks to singularity, we can enjoy peaceful and disease-free world⁉️🌎✨ In Chicago, USA, local police started using Hunchlab, crime forecast system, to stop murderous rampage👮‍♀️To my surprise, it seems working quite well✨ As per routine preventive care, this man is now working on it by using AI, DNA analysis technology😊 We already have below system …

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