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Day 20

I cannot add another sponge anymore🤣 Therefore…Mr. Mango got a big pot🥭 Now I can say “go ahead” 😊 Early in the morning, I had to mix 4 types of soil and get ready … Who were watching this??? A tiny butterfly and birds🤣 Glad to finish all are done🌱 Now, Mr. Mango can grow as …

Hi🥭 day 13

Finally sprout says HI, actually looks like he’s saying OK✨ Almost time to be planted in the planter box. Well…let me find the best soils for you first 💦 Others are ready for you😊

Hi from Broccoli Sprouts

Life on the tray 🌱 Although the instruction says “it will sprout in 2 or 3 days ..I couldn’t believe it🤣 But it’s true✨This is day 2… Wow moment in the morning☀️

Let’s try!!!

Inspired by YouTube, now I’m trying to grow mango🥭 Let’s see how he responds 🌱✨

Guess whom I met…

I was going to see lotus but I met Mr. Flier 😅 It seemed like they were waiting for me 🤣 Flower is always popular🌸✨  

Play time🌈

It’s been while but I made it finally ✨


Trying to draw flower of life but… Laughing at myself for my clumsiness 🤣 When I was younger, I used to blame myself and annoyed a lot. But not now. Practice makes perfect. This is good enough for now😆  


This is how our life begins…??? More colors, more fun 🌈✨ This is for sure!!!

Play Time!!!

coloring mandala Flower of life ^_^ I would love to create one by myself… Shall I get a compass???

This time…

Thanks for your assistance, Mr. Green!

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