Finally, I’ve got a new cutting board✨

It’s one of my essentials for cooking.

Even though it was very old, I kept using it as there was no problem.

And just noticed, I’ve been using it for 20th years😱

Time flies🤣

What I went through in the period???

In England, it was common for foreign students to cook in order to survive🤣

I cooked with this almost everyday.

Other than Chinese, Italian, and Indian meal, and alcohol, it was not really for me…

At that time, one of the major stories among those who study abroad was as below:

If you go study in USA, you will gain weight a lot. BUT if you go to UK, you will become very skinny by the time you arrive home.

I ended up agreeing with this story when I visited USA later on🤣

What you eat creates what you are.

“Cooking and Eating” relates to health care directly.

Thanks for helping my cook✨

New one may look weird but it’s quite nice to use it. I’m quite looking forward to cooking with this😊

Cook fun, eat well and stay healthy✨