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Healing Space McMallow is a healing space in order for you to become a true yourself for brilliant tomorrow. The language of mallow stands for gentleness, mildness, and courage in Japan. It is true that assertive behavior requires very strong will and a lot of courage. By acting with confidence, you can obtain gentleness and mildness to yourself and to your family member and friends etc.

By communicating with your higher part of yourself (higher self) with clairvoyant reading, you will get some tips to improve your life in terms of current relationships, health issues, love life, etc. Higher self knows not only why you are born but also your blueprint in current life, how to achieve it. If you feel uncomfortable with what you are, why don’t you take a session?
Each one of us is very unique and different individually. There is no need to feel uncomfortable just because nobody understands you.

Although it may take some time to make out the message from higher self, time will come to comprehend its meaning. Throughout clairvoyant session, I have opportunities to have many aha moment. Thank you for chance to heal for your brilliant tomorrow.

With Light and Love,
Mallow McDonald


Final Day‼️

Iyashi Fair at Tokyo Bigsight🌈✨🦄 Come and see us for your greater journey 😊✨

Booth No. L-125 and L-127💕

Here comes the announcement for booth no for Tokyo Iyashi Fair✨✨✨ ⭐️Booth No. L-125 and L-127💕 ⭐️PARAMITA Healing School 15 fabulous beauties are waiting for you✨ Come and see us just right in front of the No.1 Lecture Venue✨ The map misinterpreted our name again… The name is PARAMITA Healing School‼️ I’m not exaggerating BUT …

5 days to go Iyashi Fair‼️

Working with this goddess😊💕 For beauty and abundance😍 Abundance stands for not only finance but time, knowledge, and opportunity✨ Additional energy will be added when you get this sweets for your support 🍬😊 Best wishes to your dream come true🌈🍬✨ Thank you, Lakshmi, for your kind support💕

Tokyo Iyashi Fair 17-18Aug @ Tokyo Bigsite

How exciting 🌈🍬✨ Just looking at these colors…cannot wait for the event, 17-18Aug, at Tokyo Bigsite✨✨✨ It a small gift for my client😊 Limited for the first 22🍬✨ Whom am I working with this year⁉️ Will be announced shortly😉✨ Yes, I’m running a booth there under the name of PARAMITA Healing School 😉✨ Come and …

Tokyo IYASHI fair🌈✨

Annual event 🌈✨ So excited to announce this✨✨✨ I will run a booth under PARAMITA Healing School😊✨ Tokyo Ihashi Fair Date: 8/17 – 8/18 Venue: Tokyo Bigsite The detail will be announced shortly … http://a-advice.com/tokyo_2019/



Never noticed twin shoots saying hello🤣 Seems like new generation has come once previous plant done… Cannot wait for flower blooming🌸✨

Let go …

Because new year 2020 is coming soon🤣 I decided to sell off 📚 with special thanks 😊 I assume learning language will be no longer required due to advanced technology. The quality of google translation as such are getting common with easy access. Still I enjoy communicating with my friends without such technology🤣 Am I …

Stay positive and imagine positive🌈

Revamp my dream plans with a book written by Robert G Allen. More than 108 things are listed but I can only focus on 3 on the map🤣 Am I greedy⁉️ Imagine clearly then take action accordingly😊 I would love to see him again💕


It’s been almost 8 weeks since Typhoon #15 hit🥺 Range food is fixed✨ What a relief✨


It’s been while✨ Kagurazaka😋 I used to be around when I was taking a course to become a clairvoyant healer😊 This time, just for lunch😋 Such a shame I had never noticed such a nice place to enjoy🤣 With reasonable cost, amazing meal, wonderful people✨ I’ll be back again💕

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