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Healing Space McMallow is a healing space in order for you to become a true yourself for brilliant tomorrow. The language of mallow stands for gentleness, mildness, and courage in Japan. It is true that assertive behavior requires very strong will and a lot of courage. By acting with confidence, you can obtain gentleness and mildness to yourself and to your family member and friends etc.

By communicating with your higher part of yourself (higher self) with clairvoyant reading, you will get some tips to improve your life in terms of current relationships, health issues, love life, etc. Higher self knows not only why you are born but also your blueprint in current life, how to achieve it. If you feel uncomfortable with what you are, why don’t you take a session?
Each one of us is very unique and different individually. There is no need to feel uncomfortable just because nobody understands you.

Although it may take some time to make out the message from higher self, time will come to comprehend its meaning. Throughout clairvoyant session, I have opportunities to have many aha moment. Thank you for chance to heal for your brilliant tomorrow.

With Light and Love,
Mallow McDonald


So right…last year…

OMG… Don’t you know the fact that air quality is not that good around here⁉️That’s why I do not air out bedclothes and laundry. Besides, it’s rare to open the window. Instead, I use air purifier and dehydrator. This was a part of conversation with my friend last year. It was quite shocking… Air is …

Here comes MY Night Pack❣️

Thank you, Oracle AI, for formulating supplements EVERY month for me. I cannot believe the fact that you added night pack onwards⁉️No additiopnal charge for this⁉️ AMAZING✨ I have noticed you changed my Daily Pack from #124 to #234. I assume you took into consideration my results of DNA test last month. My first Night …

Additional Daily Routine❣️

Here comes my Sugar Trend device✨ Without needle into my finger, now I can check my glucose trend. I need this due to the fact that my grandmother was diabetic. Last part of her life was tough including for family members. There were lots of things to learn throughout the experience. To avoid facing this, …

Nice to see you again✨

¥5 coin chocolate 🍫✨ I used to buy it at local confectionary shop❣️ Designed Japanese 5 yen coin, the price for the chocolate cost the same😊 They also have a hole in the center✨ It was a refreshment at a seminar✨ Learning economy, finance, and investment…all are important to know📝

You cannot postpone what you need to do🤣

Finally the day has come to reissue my degree certificate📜 I left this issue for 5 years💦 I was asked to present both original copy and photocopy of it. Photocopy is not good enough.🤣 I know where the original is but due to many reasons, I cannot grab it. Also it may be damaged anyway. …

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