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Trying to draw flower of life but… Laughing at myself for my clumsiness 🤣 When I was younger, I used to blame myself and annoyed a lot. But not now. Practice makes perfect. This is good enough for now😆  


This is how our life begins…??? More colors, more fun 🌈✨ This is for sure!!!

Play Time!!!

coloring mandala Flower of life ^_^ I would love to create one by myself… Shall I get a compass???

This time…

Thanks for your assistance, Mr. Green!

The day has come…

Fasting for the first time in 2 years…. dashi soup rock salt honey water herbal tea..and 1 more item. Let’s see how it goes !!!    


Never noticed twin shoots saying hello🤣 Seems like new generation has come once previous plant done… Cannot wait for flower blooming🌸✨

Let go …

Because new year 2020 is coming soon🤣 I decided to sell off 📚 with special thanks 😊 I assume learning language will be no longer required due to advanced technology. The quality of google translation as such are getting common with easy access. Still I enjoy communicating with my friends without such technology🤣 Am I …

Stay positive and imagine positive🌈

Revamp my dream plans with a book written by Robert G Allen. More than 108 things are listed but I can only focus on 3 on the map🤣 Am I greedy⁉️ Imagine clearly then take action accordingly😊 I would love to see him again💕


It’s been almost 8 weeks since Typhoon #15 hit🥺 Range food is fixed✨ What a relief✨


It’s been while✨ Kagurazaka😋 I used to be around when I was taking a course to become a clairvoyant healer😊 This time, just for lunch😋 Such a shame I had never noticed such a nice place to enjoy🤣 With reasonable cost, amazing meal, wonderful people✨ I’ll be back again💕

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