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Just throw back

On the day of Gala Dinner … It was a day for me to keep on looking at angel number🌈✨ One step of outside at home, I found.. 88 : number plate of a car 88 & 22 : at a cafe for chat It says Italy 🇮🇹✨ 11 : the seat we took there …

Thank you as always✨

A gift from a client😊 Thank you so much for coming✨ Wishing you all the best🌈✨  

Gift for me⁉️

Thank you so much🌈✨ Another sign for me🤣 Horse 🐎


At a hotel lobby for an appt. The little bouquet makes me smile 😊

Are you sleeping well???

The night when Mr. Tyhoon hit … Deep Sleep : 59min I had a migraine on the following day🥺 I ended up going to bed early, giving up taking a Zoom seminar.😭 Next day: 1h 43min. Yes‼️No more headache😊 Last night : 1h 16min. So so✨ The fact that the quality of sleep affects my …


Even though you are good enough to work, but cannot to go work… Safety comes first but … Unearned revenue is necessary….

What if …???

Visit to Takanodai Campus at Musashino Art University for academic society. It was my 2nd visit. First visit was to see artworks by grad like 7 years ago. It was a part of dissertation for them. I used to learn oil painting as hobby. Today … It’s my lost friends’s birthday. Thanks to art school, …

Talking to Inner Child

It was a day for guided meditation at school. I cleaned my energy with other students. One of the major subject was inner child (IC) We proceeded to meditate by instruction from our teacher … It’s been while to see mine. She was difficult as usual🤣 —————————————— Me: Hi there, how’s it going??? IC: Help …


She kindly sent me a message after free remote session. It was first time for her to take remote mother Mary and dolphin touch healing. She could feel their energy: soft, tender but powerful🐬✨ When I took a remote session first time, I was nervous and wondering how it supposed to be😊 This healing technic …

Well Done TO me‼️

Because Son san said so… He has a dental checkup every 3 months. Finally(?), the day has come for dental appt. Because I want to enjoy meals with my own teeth. BUT I do NOT care for taking dental care AT ALL🤣 Never liked or enjoyed it in life🦷 I’ve never enjoyed brushing teeth neither… …

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