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Have you ever felt soft, tender but powerful healing energy of dolphins and Mother Mary? Let us heal you with their unconditional love and light. Suitable for those who love celestial beings animals. This healing can improve your physical condition as well as your character and bad habits such as short temper, addiction and patterns of your behavior.

Fee : JPY18,000 for 90 mins

Remote Session : JPY15,000  (SKYPE or LINE)



Aura has enormous amount of your personal information such as your past life, future events, present issues, emotional problems, illness, relationships, etc. Aura consists of 7 layers and each layer has 7 different colors.

Each color has different information.  In this session, 3 to 4 colors per layer will be chosen based on what seem to be the most important to know for the client.

Suitable for those who would like to understand oneself as “a Whole Person”.

Fee : JPY25,000 for 120 mins

Remote Session : JPY22,000 (SKYPE or LINE)



In this reading, you will know what kind of flower you yourself look like. The flower is unique and different individually.

Your flower can tell your current energy condition. Sometimes information such as your office and home environment, health,future child, suitable job etc. appear in flowers.

Fee : JPY16,000 for 60 mins

Remote Session : JPY13,000 (SKYPE or LINE))



By communicating with your higher self and reading your energy, we will tell your soul’s character, blueprints and mission on earth. Every single soul is unique and has its own beauty. By reading your soul, we can give advice for better work,health and love life. Does your current job go well with your life mission? Does your partner fit well your nature? Also you will know how much you have worked on your blueprint so far and what you should do to fulfill the rest.

This session is recommended for those who have strong eagerness for success or who want to clarify paths they should take for mental and physical fulfillment.

Fee : JPY16,000 for 60 mins

Remote Session : JPY13,000 (SKYPE or LINE)



This session can improve your physical condition. We will look for the reason why you suffer from the specific symptoms such as stiff shoulder.  In this healing, we will clean your aura and chakra and add what your energy need by communicating with your higher self.

Fee : JPY18,000 for 90 mins

Remote Session : JPY15,000 (SKYPE or LINE)


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