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Have you ever felt soft, tender but powerful healing energy of dolphins and Mother Mary? Let us heal you with their unconditional love and light. Suitable for those who love celestial beings animals. This healing can improve your physical condition as well as your character and bad habits such as short temper, addiction and patterns of your behavior.

Before healing, we can create the declarative statement together and chant it, if necessary. The declarations can be recited at any time after the session.

You may lie down and relax during this session.

Duration: 60 minutes 
Fee: JPY 8,000 



This is specialized for physical discomfort. It helps to adjust the skin, organs and skeleton at the quantum level without touching you.
It can be expected to activate old cells and lift your skin up.

Suggested to special occasions
* Just before photo shooting or meeting, etc.

Quantum energy flows to the requested parts of the body in order to remove unnecessary emotions and energy.

This session includes the aura and chakra healing to maintain appropriate balance for you.

We will accommodate your requests as much as we can.

Duration: 40 minutes
Fee: JPY10,000  



Let’s receive messages from higher beings such as
Higher Self, angels, God, etc. for the answer to what you want to know most right now.
Yes, it is possible by following the instruction and letting the images expand. 

Based on your requests, we proceed guided meditation with special story created ONLY for you.
Once done, we perform the aura and chakra healing.

Topic (e.g.) 
* Understand your potential, talents and strengths
* Exploring the causes of fatigue and its release
* Access to memories of a time when you were successful in previous lives

If you prefer to receive message directly from higher beings, then this would be the best choice. 

Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: JPY 10,000 



Aura has enormous amount of your personal information such as your past life, future events, present issues, emotional problems, illness, relationships, etc. Aura consists of 7 layers and each layer has 7 different colors.

Each color has different information.  In this session, 3 to 4 colors per layer will be chosen based on what seem to be the most important to know.

If you want to

* Know how to improve relationships, careers, love life, health, past lives and more to live better in the present in detail

* Receive messages from higher beings (Higher Self, angels, God, etc.)

then this session would be the best!

Feel free to share any concern.

Duration: 120 minutes 
Fee: JPY 18,000 



This session focuses on improving your physical condition. We will look for the reason why you suffer from the specific symptoms. 
Surgery is performed at energy level if required. 

To adjust your energy field, four element (fire, earth, water, and wind) is incorporated.

During healing, we will not only clean your aura and chakra and add what your energy need by communicating with your higher self but also perform quantum healing.

Highly recommended to
* Permanent discomfort (e.g., stiff shoulders, back pain, fatigue, etc.)

Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: JPY 13,000 



By communicating with your higher self and reading your energy, we will tell your soul’s character, blueprints and mission on earth. Every single soul is unique and has its own beauty. By reading your soul, we can give advice for better work,health and love life. Does your current job go well with your life mission? Does your partner fit well your nature? Also you will know how much you have worked on your blueprint so far and what you should do to fulfill the rest.

Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: JPY 9,000


The emotions of animals are much more pure and sensitive than those of humans. Pet, like humans, wants to be loved and care for their owners.

In this session, by channeling, we will communicate with your pet and ask feelings based on your questions. Of course, your pet is also welcome to join. (A photo of your pet is required if pet cannot be at present.
After the channeling, both you and your pet will be healed together.

Suitable for 
* Understand what your pet thinks of you
* Building further deepen the bond with your pet
* Healing your pet

Duration: 90 minutes
Fee: JPY 13,000

INNER CHILD SESSION (2 sessions as one: Guided Meditation to Access Prenatal Memory included)

In this course, you will let go of unwanted beliefs and emotions so that you can take action without hesitation. 

By guided meditation, you will access your prenatal memories, the days when you stayed at your mother’s womb. You can explore the purpose of your reincarnation and why you chose your current parents as the one. 

Sessions are scheduled at intervals of within 7 to 10 days.

After Day One, you will have a work to do at home.

The 1st two sessions (60 minutes each)
Fee: JPY 30,000 *for Day 1 and Day 2

Day 3 or more (if required) 60 minutes each
Remote Fee: JPY 10,000 

RELEASING TRAUMA  (6 sessions as one)

This session aims at releasing very painful emotions and sensations that may be lingering in your mind for a long time. It is a personalized program that incorporates ALL healing techniques such as aura reading and healing.

The content of session will be changed each time as there can be significant emotional and physical changes. Each sessions has to be taken within 7 to 10 days.

Topics (e.g.)
* Very painful feelings and sensations
* Domestic Violence
* Sexual abuse
* Disasters and accidents

Limited ONLY to those who took a private session with McMallow and wish to work on purification at deeper level. 

If you have never taken session with McMallow, please take Aura Reading at first. We will decide if it is acceptable to proceed the releasing trauma session. 

1st 6 sessions (Duration: 90 minutes for Day 1 and other: 60 minutes)
Fee: JPY 90,000 

Day 7 or more (if requested) 60 minutes per session
Fee: JPY 10,000

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