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Hi from Moomin🤩

Glad to find all the characters I used to see✨ Moomin, moominpapa&mama, Snufkin..etc✨ I still remember kind of “weird” feeling whenever I watched it on TV. Probably because Moomin Valley was something very unique and that has something Japanese anime didn’t have. It’s a personal opinion🤣 I found someone I cannot remember… Who is this⁉️ …


Due to typhoon #19… Power outage…just for 3 mins… With my iPhone and smart watch electric torch function, I quickly gathered alternative options😅 When I lit the candle, power is on🤣 They need to be ready at hand…

Inner child

Moomin treat✨ Thank you so much😋✨ I used to watch Moomin on TV during childhood. Which character is your favorite??? It brings me back old memories… The time has come to face and heal inner child at deeper level…


Message from … Oracle Card: Magical Messages from the Fairy✨ May I move to THAT destination⁉️ Thank you, my higher part of myself and parents in cosmos, for the funds 😉✨ In the meantime… I had an appt. for replacement of exhaust hood tomorrow. It was damaged due to typhoon #15 last month. But it’s …

Life is predictable???

AI is for prediction That’s what I was taught at the training. I guess with the combination of AI and bigdata, everything becomes predictable. What will be unpredictable⁉️ Find out at the University of Tokyo✨

Just throw back

On the day of Gala Dinner … It was a day for me to keep on looking at angel number🌈✨ One step of outside at home, I found.. 88 : number plate of a car 88 & 22 : at a cafe for chat It says Italy 🇮🇹✨ 11 : the seat we took there …

Thank you as always✨

A gift from a client😊 Thank you so much for coming✨ Wishing you all the best🌈✨  

Gift for me⁉️

Thank you so much🌈✨ Another sign for me🤣 Horse 🐎


At a hotel lobby for an appt. The little bouquet makes me smile 😊

Are you sleeping well???

The night when Mr. Tyhoon hit … Deep Sleep : 59min I had a migraine on the following day🥺 I ended up going to bed early, giving up taking a Zoom seminar.😭 Next day: 1h 43min. Yes‼️No more headache😊 Last night : 1h 16min. So so✨ The fact that the quality of sleep affects my …

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