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At the Tokyo Bigsight

During Iyashi Fair…the venue was packed‼️But once closed, nobody was there. Just silence… Never noticed it’s actually built bilaterally symmetric💦 Somehow this reminded me of Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. This was also the same layout. Am I the only one that they look kind of similar⁉️

Thank you for your visits🦄✨

Iyashi Fair 2019 is over ✨ I had a chance to offer a clairvoyant aura reading season. It was first time for him to experience clairvoyant reading. He was so stunned due to lots of accurate information😊 Because it was event, I just read 7 colors in total. Still it was a lot for him. …

Iyashi Fair Day 1

The sweets were gone to those who took my session🍬✨ Additional support by Lakshmi🍬✨ Beauty and abundance😊 Both are necessary for our daily life✨ Luckily I had also a chance to offer a session in English✨ She understood the current situation and its cause by taking it✨ Can’t wait for tomorrow🌈✨

Light workout😊

First time to record by distance⌚️ The size of pool is identified without any setting. Clever … Why do I swim⁉️ Because it’s fun but if I give you reasons… ⭐️To reset unbalanced energy ⭐️To relax muscles ⭐️To have my sense of freedom back With the assistance of water, it’s easy to match the timing …

Play time✨

Weekend 🏊‍♀️✨ Another day to swim after MeetUp🧜‍♀️✨ Happy moment with new cover⌚️✨ It’s necessary to use⌚️in the pool🥺 It makes me laugh at myself to use the band/cover at the venue though🤣 ⚽️🏊‍♀️🇯🇵⁉️ At MeetUp, I happened to share a table with football fans of premiere league🇬🇧 Manchester United and , I think Liverpool …

Just a wall but …

Shibuya again … You might think it’s as usual … But not for me🤣 Did you know that that wall shows a face⁉️ Never noticed till I took a photo to show how crazy the crossroad is for my friend in Malaysia. I always think the wall is just made of brick, convexo-concave layout… It …

Splendid meal week⁉️

I had curry something at least one meal per day for a week🤣 Curry Udon Noodle, Indian curry and rice and Japanese style one🍛😋 I got an angel number 333 and 777 at Thai/Indian restaurant🌈✨ Seems like it’s ok to keep on going😉💕 Good news will be there for me🌏✨


Finally I made it🏊‍♀️✨ 50m swimming pool✨✨✨ With my partner⌚️🤣✨ Some of the venues says NO to smart watch due to health and safety reasons. But the one I go…as long as it’s covered, it’s acceptable🌈✨ Quite interesting I can check my biometric data in real time🤩 Aiming for 3000m this summer🔥🚀

Shibuya again🤣

MeetUp in Shibuya again😊 It’s becoming my weekly routine🤣 I was lucky enough to talk to a French who had visited North Korea👀 We had a Korean in the team and he couldn’t believe it until he saw the pictures of Pyongyang…including me… I had a chance to talk to an American who can speak …

Rescue 👀✨

Stamped to death☠️⁉️ Almost💦 Picked up and moved somewhere in safe🏗✨ 🐞😍💕 7 again✨✨✨ This means a lot in spiritual perspective💕 I’ve got yellow something from him for the first time in several years… STINKY 🤣

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