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Looks like a trunk of elephant…

The ash became like a trunk of elephant (°▽°) Incense is very helpful to purify a room and I often use it. But I’ve never seen this elephant-shape ash!!! Glad to see this unusual shape at the beginning of July (≧∀≦) Something unexpected may happen?

Focus on Present

“Can you tell me about my past life?” I’ve been frequently asked this question to practice session. The answer is maybe. It depends. If the past-life experience has some solutions to make your current condition improve, or if your higher part of yourself allows us to share its information, yes. The most important thing is to …

03Sep17 Iyashi Festival @ Asakusa

Event Information We will be back at Asakusa on 03Sep17 to run a booth!!! Yes, the sessions are offered in both English and Japanese. The details will be informed later. Thank you so much for your support. See you soon!!!

A Beauty in the Rain

Not having fun due to rainy season or gloomy weather? We still have something fun and beautiful thanks to depressing condition. With my favorite rain boots, I took a walk in the park. The sound of rain and the drips from the rain were so peaceful. It’s up to you if you can enjoy your …

Thank you!!!

At Asakusa Iyashi Festival on 11Jun2017 … Thank you for the chance to be the event once again. There were so much to learn, see, read, and experience!!! It was quite busy and I even forgot to take a picture… Surprisingly, a few people took soul reading, to know the reason why they were born. …

2017/6/11 Iyashi Festival@Asakusa

Event Information We will run a booth at Asakusa. I will be there with my teacher, Megumi Hiromitsu. Session are available both in English and Japanese. The following is in detail: DATE & TIME : 11JUN2017 / 10:30 – 17:00 ADMISSION FEE : FREE VENUE : TOKYOTORITSU SANGYO BOEKI CENTER TAITOKAN 5F Booth No. 45 …

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