Mallow McDonald

Mallow is a Japanese clairvoyant healer and a teacher of healing.She offers aura reading and healing as private session in both Japanese and English. She is good at focusing on health issues. Besides she is spreading AI and biometric health big data business worldwide.

She has worked in several service industries in variety of positions. She has 5 years experience in travel agencies as travel counselor, arranging business trips based on travel policy and traveler’s request. She taught English to children for 1 year and also consulted on lesson plans for students with their parents. She has become familiar with suggesting several options for client.

She started to take clairvoyant reading and healing practice to let go her emotions in childhood. She had gone through lots of difficulties such as bullying at school and very strict discipline by her father. She learned how to observe people and read their mind by their behavior thanks to these experience.

In private, she enjoys not only yoga practice but also swimming. Sometimes she draws pictures as well.

She has graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in UK, majoring in Bachelor of Science with Honors Sustainable Tourism Development. She is a native Japanese and has excellent oral and written communication skills in English.

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