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Final Day‼️

Iyashi Fair at Tokyo Bigsight🌈✨🦄 Come and see us for your greater journey 😊✨

Booth No. L-125 and L-127💕

Here comes the announcement for booth no for Tokyo Iyashi Fair✨✨✨ ⭐️Booth No. L-125 and L-127💕 ⭐️PARAMITA Healing School 15 fabulous beauties are waiting for you✨ Come and see us just right in front of the No.1 Lecture Venue✨ The map misinterpreted our name again… The name is PARAMITA Healing School‼️ I’m not exaggerating BUT …

5 days to go Iyashi Fair‼️

Working with this goddess😊💕 For beauty and abundance😍 Abundance stands for not only finance but time, knowledge, and opportunity✨ Additional energy will be added when you get this sweets for your support 🍬😊 Best wishes to your dream come true🌈🍬✨ Thank you, Lakshmi, for your kind support💕

Tokyo Iyashi Fair 17-18Aug @ Tokyo Bigsite

How exciting 🌈🍬✨ Just looking at these colors…cannot wait for the event, 17-18Aug, at Tokyo Bigsite✨✨✨ It a small gift for my client😊 Limited for the first 22🍬✨ Whom am I working with this year⁉️ Will be announced shortly😉✨ Yes, I’m running a booth there under the name of PARAMITA Healing School 😉✨ Come and …

Tokyo IYASHI fair🌈✨

Annual event 🌈✨ So excited to announce this✨✨✨ I will run a booth under PARAMITA Healing School😊✨ Tokyo Ihashi Fair Date: 8/17 – 8/18 Venue: Tokyo Bigsite The detail will be announced shortly …

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