How exciting 🌈🍬✨

Just looking at these colors…cannot wait for the event, 17-18Aug, at Tokyo Bigsite✨✨✨

It a small gift for my client😊

Limited for the first 22🍬✨

Whom am I working with this year⁉️

Will be announced shortly😉✨

Yes, I’m running a booth there under the name of PARAMITA Healing School 😉✨

Come and find me for English session✨

Even for your lovely pets🐕🐈🦜🐢🐇💕

⭐️Iyashi Fair PARAMITA Healing School Session Menue

🌈Clairvoyant Reading   15min ¥2000

Find your tips for anything you like such as work, relationships, mission, dreams

*Pet welcome🐈

🌈Healing 15min ¥2000

Want you clean your aura and chakra by removing negative energy from your energy field⁉️

This powerful healing will help you remove physical uneasiness such as cramps and stiff shoulder as well as mental blocks, anxiety, and frustration.

🌈Aura Reading 30min ¥4000

Find your 7 colors and its meaning from 7 each layers.

Best way to understand yourself as ‘a Whole Person’.

🌈Mother Mary and Dolphin Touch Healing 15min ¥2000

Have you ever felt soft, tender but powerful healing energy of Mother Mary and dolphins? Let us heal you with their unconditional love and light.

*Pet welcome🐈

Tokyo Iyashi Fair