We are so horrified to hear that disaster hit in Kyushu, Japan. We are sorry to see houses were washed away due to heavy rainfall, a lot of people had to evacuate. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims.

As a personal accident, I left my parasol on the train… It was first time to leave my belongings on the train in life. Somehow, I lost my attention when I got off. It was very hard to find it.

A staff at the station had to ask his colleague in the last stop of the train to look for it in that carriage. I got back to the station when the train arrived at the terminal only to find no luck. Then, I called lost and found center again and again.

When I was about to giving up searching it, they called me back, saying that a parasol has been kept in an unexpected station. As the features of the item were clearly identified, I rushed to the station and… found it!!!

How nice to reunite the item. It’s quite old but I still like it. It has some sentimental value. What a parasol day. I spent all day to reunite with my parasol.

I saw a vision suddenly; Some evacuees reunited with their family members in Kyushu. How you feel when you reunited with your loved one or favorite item would be the same as how I felt or could be more than that.

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims.