It was a day for guided meditation at school.

I cleaned my energy with other students.

One of the major subject was inner child (IC)

We proceeded to meditate by instruction from our teacher …

It’s been while to see mine.

She was difficult as usual🤣


Me: Hi there, how’s it going???

IC: Help me

Me: I know. You’ve been doing great. Good job.


Me: Is there anything I can do for you sometime next week? I’ll make your wish come true.

IC: Send me back to cosmos‼️

Me: 🤣


Well, it’s impossible so I just informed her life will be much better with more freedom in somewhere new. Going back to home in cosmos will be postponed🤣

She was very unhappy🤣

I had nowhere to feel safe during childhood.

I used to ask myself :

Why was I born???

I shouldn’t exist on this planet…etc.

365 days, every day, for at least 15 years.

What’s the outcome?

I had no confidence in myself.

Self assessment was always below zero🤣


Now, after graduating from healing school, I understood most of questions I used to ask myself but find any answer.

Like : why I chose my parents, why that classmates, why this environment???

So things are much better.

I will keep on healing IC by Mother Mary and Dolphin Touch Healing🐬✨