Finally!!! I had time to swim in a 50m long outdoor pool!!! (≧∀≦) For 25m long indoor pool user, this is one of the most exciting event!!! With cold water and blight sunshine, i had so much fun. The view in the water was so beautiful.

The thing is getting suntan…Yes, nobody can blame about it because it’s so true… under the sun, you get suntan. Personally, I do try to avoid getting suntan. So I always concern to what level I allow my skin to sacrifice whenever I go swimming outside.

I came home and had feeling my skin was quite burning. I ended up practicing energetic healing to cure suntan. Yes, we need not only physical care but also energetic care. Needless to say I used moisturizer to heal and had a lot of water. The symptom of burning ceased.

Everyone would like to maintain their skin healthy, young, and beautiful. Skin free of spots is like a dream in reality. Energetic healing combats freckles although it differs greatly in individuals.

If you would like to improve your skin condition, energetic healing may help. In particular, if you have been already under treatment physically, this energetic care may work.

Am I getting back to the outdoor pool? Yes, of course !!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)