Because Son san said so…

He has a dental checkup every 3 months.

Finally(?), the day has come for dental appt.

Because I want to enjoy meals with my own teeth.

BUT I do NOT care for taking dental care AT ALL🤣

Never liked or enjoyed it in life🦷

I’ve never enjoyed brushing teeth neither…

Last time, my dental treatment was the very disaster… I had to change dental clinic to specialized university as clinic couldn’t do well.

It took more than a year …😖

This time, it’s just a cleaning so I had to rely on different clinic.

Recommended by my friend who also LOVES dentist, I went there…

It wasn’t good at all.

But I survived‼️

I even made an another appt. for next time‼️

Well done to me🥺✨

Celebrating my courage🌈✨

I shall see Mr. Lion again🦁