Finally I made it❣️

To the beach where I asked for help to recover my lost voice last year😊

I committed myself to return after my full recovery.

When I was there, a local surfer talked to me. He thought I would commit suicide🤣

Once he found out I was unable to talk, he thought it was because of cancer💦

Thanks to written communication, he figured out what I was facing.

He kindly gave me lots of brown seaweed from the beach.

I was advised some news about seaweed in advance from healing schoolmate. I had no idea at that time but it was clear about this.

When I had exchange session with my teacher, she also mentioned brown seaweed.

It was so obvious that brown seaweed was my necessary item at that time✨

I was able to see him on May 4th.✨

How nice I can talk to him and show my appreciation✨

He kindly enough to show me around including Hebara beach, then took me to barbecue gathering at his friends 😊

Probably it’s time for me to try to surfing 🏄‍♀️

I love beach and oceans 🏖

I will be back again, definitely ✨