To Mt. Mitake near Ome. Yes, I’ve been there a couple of times. This time, a friend of mine took me a new route. It was very tough!!! Incredible!!! There were a lot of stairs and ascending slope! 

It was nice to see Nanayono Falls, glad to climb Tenngu Rock, and great to visit Ubuyasusha, where it is famous for leading you to your destined soul mate, safe delivery, wishing longevity, and more!

I used to watch Tenngu Rock from the ground. It was actually so hard to climb it. The rock was almost covered with the roots of  large trees and it made me feel scared to crawl along.  

At Ubuyasusha, beautiful sacred large trees welcomed us with spiritual and powerful manners. Meotosugi, couple cedar was so tall and very impressive. It was relaxing to feel the heart-shaped knot of Japanese cypress too.

Nature healed me a lot!!!

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