I came back to 50m outdoor pool. I finally understood what higher part of myself has been trying to say; relaxing and surrender.

Through my surrender to water, I was able to relax whole part of my body. I became easily to swim more comfortably…much easier to breath, see, and swim than usual. I could even swim more than 50m.

Normally, I’m good at tensing all the muscles. I do love yoga practice. Sadly my body is very stiff. (゚∀゚)  So whenever I take a lesson, I’m always at right next to the post to hide myself. It is quite embarrassing to show how stiff I am to other classmates. I still keep negative emotion and memory in my muscle during my childhood, which is the main cause for stiff body.

Around 3 years ago, I decided to swim again to let go all the negative feeing, relax physically, and bring back the feeling of freedom in the water. These were suggested by my higher part of myself.

When I was young, I was very reluctant to ask for help to others. I tended to do all the things I had to rather than asking someone else to do it. Calling for help is not a shame at all. When you can help, you can assist them instead. Ask for help and accept other’s help if necessary. This would be the most easiest way to go through.

The cat at my parents’ hates to be carried in our arms. She dose not like to let her body leave to people. She could have much easier life if she can accept our snuggle. Well, this would be a different story. (=´∀`)