My dental treatment is done (*≧∀≦*)

It took 20 months to cure just one tooth…what a struggle… During this time of period, I had to let go many things, emotions, fear, trauma, and more. I’m SO glad to have started learning healing skills.

Teeth is actually related to the 5th chakra that refers to communication and self-expression, etc. I have kept too much something…like dusts. My early experiences at school and home certainly influenced. I did not express myself for a long time even to my parents, instead wore a mask to hide real intension. WHY? I was scared of being criticized any more. At school, the idea that everyone has to be the same made me feel like becoming a robot. I had been descried as very unique or bizarre by others as I could not act as they expected. All the emotions I had during childhood stay at the throat.

To dentist, there are many stories that made me lose credit to them. One of them is… one day at a dental clinic, he said he would stop the treatment for a moment if I had any pain. I told him to stop it but he ignored me and kept on his work. Lier!!!

Indeed, it takes time to let go all the negative emotions and energy. It’s true I am still working on it.

Hopefully I’ll have more sound sleep without clenching teeth and cheeks.

I feel like I can take off to next level (*゚▽゚*)