I started taking voice training sessions as I’ve been uncomfortable with the throat everytime after event took place…

Throat and jaw relate the 5th chakra. This stands for communication, self-expression, listening, speaking, and writing. It’s one of the chakras that keeps emotions.

Due to lots of hidden negative emotion, it is easy for me to lose voice. I’ve been trying to let go unnecessary emotion. But what if there is anything that impacts on the vocal cords physically in negative way?

It is extreamly important to take care of not only emotion but of physical condition. When both work out, we can expect some improvements on the health issue.

At first, the trainer investigated the quolity of voice by the piano including the length of the voice and breath. Ater that, we practiced abdominal breathing.

 It’s been so natural to speak/talk/breath. Never did I think of how to breath… nor my voice prevents me from making myself understood… It was the very new perspective.

It is quite challenging to obtain the skill – harmless way of speaking to vocal cord.

But I know I can do it.

Vaportrail was there up in the blue sky on the way to the clinic.

Let’s follow the arrow, breaking through the clouds, shall we?