Finally the day has come to reissue my degree certificate📜

I left this issue for 5 years💦

I was asked to present both original copy and photocopy of it.

Photocopy is not good enough.🤣

I know where the original is but due to many reasons, I cannot grab it. Also it may be damaged anyway.

So why not order reissue✨

It was first time to contact university after graduation.📧 

I wonder how the reissued one looks like as the name of the uni has been changed and dean is also different…

I’m sure shipping costs more🤣

Even photocopy reminds me of good old days.

I still feel like campus life was yesterday.

The days with my tutor, friends, flatmate, the visit places for my study, etc.

It’s good opportunity to ask for reissue.

I look forward to receiving reisued degree certificate🌸💕

I would love to visit England again.🇬🇧✈️