OMG… Don’t you know the fact that air quality is not that good around here⁉️That’s why I do not air out bedclothes and laundry. Besides, it’s rare to open the window. Instead, I use air purifier and dehydrator.

This was a part of conversation with my friend last year.

It was quite shocking…

Air is always there, I haven’t paid that much attention except allergy season… be honest…

Now, I need to consider the air quality once again.

Smart watch WITH air quality monitor.

It will indicate what is bothering its owner.

I’ve been suffering from allergy rhinitis since childhood. I am getting better thanks to treatment not only physical level but energy one.

Presumably, once air quolity monitor has become common, bone-conducting mask will be used. I did see one at Wearable Expo in Tokyo Big Sight this Jan.

It may be clever to protect ourselves with technology…