I woke up with awful sickness due to absolutely no salt. I’ve been taking note what I had and how much. This nurition has not included in dates, honey, and ginger. Breakfast was some amount of soup made by dashi of dried kelp and dried mashroom. Needless to say, salt added.

I was totally forgot to take some… I am now aware of its importance.

I went out to see baby ducks for the 1st time since early May. They were already asleep in the early night. To my surprise, they grow pretty much the same size as their mother…

I’m sure they are no longer scared of crow and snake.

I was heald by their sleeping behavior like slight move of legs. Soooooo cute!!! 

Can you tell which one is the mother? Yes, the second from the left.

She did well to protect her babies by herself!!!

Once fasting is completed, I will see them again. Maybe it will be very hard to tell which one is the mother…