I am so happy to announce that I am running a booth under PARAMITA Healing School at Tokyo Iyashi Fair 2018 in this August.

I can’t wait seeing more clients in this opportunity.
Please see below for more info. Details such as booth number will be announced soon.

Session Menu

Clairvoyant Reading Free Q & A 

Any trouble? Ask what you would like to know and get tips to implove the current situation. By communicating with your higher self and reading your energy, you may be able to find the solution.

Mother Mary & Dolphin Touch Healing

Have you ever felt soft, tender but powerful healing energy of dolphins and Mother Mary? Let us heal you with their unconditional love and light. Suitable for those who love celestial beings animals. This healing can improve your physical condition as well as your character and bad habits such as short temper, addiction and patterns of your behavior.

 *FEE : JPY2,000 for 15 mins

   Extension  fee: JPY1,000 / 10 mins

    *Only when no one is waiting 

Tokyo Iyashi Fair 2018